Quang Ninh, Vietnam | June 2018

Quang Ninh, Vietnam | June 2018


ALINA LIU was born in New York to two audacious and nerdy Physicists from mainland China. They moved to Massachusetts where Alina spent most of her formative years growing up. Art and expression was always encouraged in her home through painting, singing, and writing but it was the unspoken expectation that she would go into science and engineering. After engineering school at Cornell University, moving to Silicon Valley and working in the tech industry for several years, she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue fine arts in 2018.

Much like science, there is so much to be discovered in art.  What is this fluid concept we call emotions and how do we capture it? The discreet nature of so many of the social constructs we've built around us can only go so far. Some might even wonder whether or not any one can ever truly understand another. For Alina, visual arts is a way to ponder those gaps.

As part of her artsploration, Alina spent a little over three months April - July of 2018 travelling and getting inspired in primarily the South East of Asia. During her trip she had the opportunity to scratch-n-sniff the surface of Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and China. 

Alina is currently interested in female form, exploring her own Chinese-American identity, and the meaning of freedom.